Mushroom and tea bolognese

mushroom and tea bolognese

 With my apologies to Italy, this recipe makes no pretense at being an authentic dish, rather, it is essentially a combination of two recipes from the recipe book “Cooking on a Bootstrap” by the brilliant, inspirational Jack Monroe (follow her on twitter @BootstrapCook or on Instagram @JackMonroe). This is the best recipe book I’ve come across in a … Read more Mushroom and tea bolognese

The best plastic-free tea bags update January 2020

plastic free tea bags in the uk

Background This is the third update to an article I first posted in September 2019. It was updated in November 2019 and this update is being made on 13th January 2020. In my first post about plastic in tea bags, I shared my shock at finding out that most teabags are more than just tea … Read more The best plastic-free tea bags update January 2020

The best teas for a cold or sore throat

the best tea for a cold or sore throat

Now that we’ve passed the middle of winter here in the Northern hemisphere, at least the days are gradually getting a little longer. But, certainly here in the UK, we have at least another two or three months of cold, wet, windy and generally miserable weather to look forward to. So we’re still stuck indoors … Read more The best teas for a cold or sore throat

The best books about tea

best books about tea

I love drinking tea and I love reading books: lovely, old-fashioned, printed on paper, put on a shelf, read in the bath, books. There are some beautiful and fascinating books about tea which contain a wealth of information not available anywhere else, not even on the internet. A little knowledge about the origins of tea, … Read more The best books about tea