This sustainable bamboo tea infuser flask is a tea drinker’s dream come true

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The problem

The problem of single-use plastics is well known now, and we’ve looked in-depth at the problem of microplastic particles in certain brands of tea bag, and the brands that contain no plastic. We all need to do what we can to reduce our reliance on plastic as a packaging and container material.

Although we don’t tend to brew our tea in plastic containers, not single-use ones anyway, there are times when we might be tempted to reuse a water bottle to carry water, or iced tea, or another beverage. This is really not the best idea because these bottles are not designed for reuse and even on first use they shed particles of microplastic into the liquid. You then drink the microplastic particles and they end up in your body. Although we don’t yet know for definite that this is harmful to humans, we do know that it’s harmful to marine life so it’s very unlikely that they’re doing us any good.

When it comes to hot tea on the move, we tend to opt for a flask. This can be made from plastic, stainless steel, or other materials, and is, of course, reusable but what if you want a really eco-friendly option and a way to brew tea on the go? A stainless steel flask solves the plastic problem but can be unpleasantly cold to the touch in winter and who wants to hold a freezing cold container of hot liquid?

The solution

Well, fellow tea-drinker, I present you with:

Tru Bamboo Insulated Tea Infuser/Flask: buy on Amazon

With a 100% organic exterior this flask looks lovely and won’t feel cold on chilly winter days, unlike a stainless steel exterior. The interior of the flask is made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel which is highly resistant to odours, stains, and bacteria and is really easy to keep clean.

The stainless steel infuser screws into place in the top of the flask but is removable for cleaning – this can be put in the dishwasher although the flask itself needs to be washed by hand but that’s not a difficult task.

It comes packaged in a plain brown cardboard box which can be recycled, which is a nice touch. So, no plastic, no chemical treatment, no BPA and is also certified to be lead-free.

And it will keep your tea hot, properly hot, for a good twelve hours. Or, for the summer months, ice-cold if you prefer.


Item Weight: 422 g
Package Dimensions: 24 x 8 x 7.6 cm
Capacity: 500 ml (18 fl oz)
Materials: Stainless Steel, Bamboo

The dimensions and the double-walled, vacuum-sealed interior is pretty standard where flasks are concerned. It’s carefully designed to be leak-free and to prevent the bamboo exterior from becoming water-logged and potentially going mouldy. The bamboo exterior is both beautiful to look at and warm to the touch.

The infuser can be used either for tea, in which case you might want to remove it after steeping (green tea, especially becomes bitter if brewed for too long), or if you’re going to use it for herbal or fruit tea it can be left in place.

One possible downside for some people is that it has no carrying handle. This is my preferred style of flask because it fits better in my car’s cup holder but I realize that this might not work for everyone. There are bamboo travel flasks with handles on the market but, from looking on Amazon, these have lower user ratings and don’t have built-in infusers.


This does absolutely everything you would want a tea flask to do (except boil the water I suppose) and nothing that you wouldn’t want. It keeps your tea hot all day and so far it hasn’t leaked or spilled. Perfect for tea on the go.

In summary:

Pros: beautiful, sustainable, practical, keeps drinks hot or cold, removable infuser.

Cons: (possibly): no handle

Buy the Tru Bamboo Insulated Tea Infuser on Amazon

Have you tried this product or one similar? Leave us a comment because we’d love to know whether our choice really is the best. We picked it because it had the highest rating on Amazon and so far it has lived up to our expectations but it’s always good to compare notes on these things. If you’re looking for a different style of infuser, see our review of the  best tea infusers.

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Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and purchase. Adverts are provided by Google and Amazon. Read our full affiliate, advertising and privacy policy here.

5 thoughts on “This sustainable bamboo tea infuser flask is a tea drinker’s dream come true”

  1. I think those particles of microplastic that go into our liquid is not good for us. I’ve heard someone talk about this before now. Plastic are not advisable to use anymore these days for drinking water and even food.

    Thanks for sharing this review on the big bamboo insulated tea infuser. It looks really appealing to me.

  2. This bamboo tea infuser sounds ideal,for use in cold weather,as it adds another layer of insulation to the thermos flask, so your hand keep warm and the tea stays good and hot.

    It is an attractive looking flask, the interior is 18/8 stainless steel, so you are safe from plastic pollution,and the removable infuser, can be easily washed before the next use.

    The only down side I can see, is that it doesn’t have a carrying handle, but I’m sure that you can find a carrying strap, if you really need one.

    The volume is half a liter, so that would be about three cups, which would be enough for one person,I would think ?

    • Hi Robert, I suppose it depends how much tea you drink, but yes I think it would be enough for one person. And yes, I’m sure someone could find or make a carrying strap for it if needed. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hello, interesting. I’ve never heard of the Big Bamboo Insulated Tea Infuser/Flask before now. I haven’t been the biggest tea drinker but I do buy pods of Earl Grey for my Keurig machine (primarily a coffee drinker).  I like the idea of sustainability though, especially since it feels awfully wasteful to throw away the little plastic pod cups each day. When I was reading about the Big Bamboo Insulated Tea Infuser/Flask I had the idea to see if anyone makes Keurig cups in a sustainable way. But anywho, the Big Bamboo Flask sounds pretty cool, think I might just pick one up here soon. Have a great day and take care.

    • Hi Riverdogg, thanks for commenting. I think sustainability is going to be an increasingly big factor in deciding what we purchase and how we use things but small changes can add up to a big difference.


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