Tea trends August 2019

tea plantation tea trends 2019

Tea is changing. No longer is it just the hot strong drink beloved by the British, to be taken with milk and sugar, the bedrock of the working classes. This article will look in brief at some of the most important and fastest-growing tea trends in August 2019. Recent years have seen huge changes in … Read more Tea trends August 2019

Recipe: Tea-marbled eggs

tea marbled egg with shell removed

This recipe is a reasonably authentic example of Chinese culinary tea. The egg is hard-boiled, then lightly cracked and soaked in a mixture containing tea which imparts the marbling effect. I say “reasonably authentic” because the original recipe calls for Lapsang Souchong, which imparts a delicately smoky flavour, but as this was my first attempt … Read more Recipe: Tea-marbled eggs