drink tea hub weekly review 12th october 2019

Drink Tea Hub’s Weekly Review 12th October 2019

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Welcome to the second review of our week here at Drink Tea Hub. Once again, this post is going to link to some of our favourite tea-related blogs, news articles and recipes. If you want to receive this update in your inbox, sign up to our email list (below or in the sidebar if you’re on a desktop) and you’ll get an exclusive tea discount voucher sent to you straight away.

Favourite blogs, bloggers and articles

Tea of the week

Having quite recently fallen seriously in love with Japanese tea, this week I’ve been sampling the Organic Japanese Sencha tea from Clearspring, specialists in organic and authentic Japanese food and drink. The Japanese teas I’ve tried so far are quite different from the more familiar (to me) Chinese green teas. The different production method leads to a brighter, fresher, grassier drink which I think makes an excellent morning pick-me-up.

Podcast of the week

Continuing the Japanese theme, this week I discovered Ricardo Caicedo’s podcast My Japanese Green Tea. In the most recent episode, episode 40, Oscar Brekell talks about The Book of Japanese Tea which is now #1 on my wish list!

Important news stories

The plastic in tea bags story continues to rumble on with more and more articles in the mainstream media about it. Everything you need to know, plus our recommendations for completely plastic-free tea bags.

New on Drink Tea Hub this week

Another ten quotes and sayings about tea: the second in our popular series of posts with quotes about tea and links to the sources of those quotes

In case you missed it: some of our top posts from the past couple of months

The best teas for a cold or sore throat. We’re definitely in “deep Autumn” here in the UK with howling gales, torrential rain and general misery increasing as the nights draw in for winter. Time to curl up under a blanket with a soothing, warming brew.

How to store tea. A list of top tips for getting the longest possible shelf life and enjoyment from your tea.

Website tools of the week:

Readers are starting to ask about how this site is put together and the tools that I use to create and manage it so here are three completely free tools that I could not live without:

  • Canva. As well as the banner for this weekly review, I use Canva all the time for putting text and pictures together. Drink Tea Hub is building a big following on Pinterest and all my Pins are created with Canva. It is super easy to use even for a technical newbie like me, you can add images, resize for twitter/Facebook/Instagram/anything else. You can create a consistent brand image with just a few clicks and use it to create forms, animations, documents, anything you can think of and it will look beautiful.
  • Tailwind. The Pinterest tool that everyone is talking about, with good reason because it’s absolutely brilliant, is Tailwind which lets you automate pinning to Pinterest and posting to Facebook forever, entirely for free. This has saved me an absolute ton of time.
  • Grammarly. Although my English is pretty good, my typing is not so good and Grammarly plugs seamlessly into Chrome and helpfully sorts out all my typos and punctuation irregularities.

Coming up in the next week (or two!)

Japanese green tea. Now that I’ve found Japanese green tea, my main question is “how did I live without it?” This article will offer a detailed look at how tea is produced in Japan and its many different varieties from the now well-known in the West like Matcha, to the far less well-known like Genmaicha.

Book review: For all the tea in China by Sarah Rose. This was a recommendation by a reader of this website. It’s been a busy week so I’ve still not quite finished it. Once I do I will post a review.

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Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and purchase. Adverts are provided by Google and Amazon. Read our full affiliate, advertising and privacy policy here.

4 thoughts on “Drink Tea Hub’s Weekly Review 12th October 2019”

  1. Wow, I’ve not been following Drink Tea Hub weekly review, but now I think it’s going to be really interesting to read about tea. Since I was young, i fell in love with tea and my grandma made it so because she’s a die hard lover of tea, and fortunately for me, I grew up in her care. I know of how good Chinese green teas are but I’ve not really tried Japanese teas, I’ll try to get so and check them out. Thanks for this review, it’s nice and I hope to see more of it. 

  2. Describing which tea is good for your health is good idea because most of us need tea to keep us healthy.  I never drank that one until I tried the sample one.  I was surprised to find that it tasted good. Someday, I will try different tea to see if I like most.  And Thanks for the tip about drinking the tea in case anyone has sore throat.

  3. Teas have always had a calming effect on me. However, I’ve tasted the organic Japanese sancha mentioned above and I can’t help but say that the tea is a true delight. A friend had introduced the green tea to me and all I have to say to her now is nothing but thanks. Other than my personal preference for organic Japanese sancha, the tea has been proven to have certain benefits such as improving cognitive activity, increase energy, and also help in weight reduction.


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